Upcoming: Beginning 2023

The purpose of the workshop is to introduce and explain some basic skills in working with intentionality and attention:

(1) develop bodily awareness (by paying attention to the posture of the body).

(2) develop metacognitive skills concerning the quality of attention, the feeling associated with experience, and how these can improve.

(3) recognize hindrances that typically interfere with the process of attention, and learn how to disengage from them in a skillful way

(4) cultivate a sense of friendliness, care, and goodwill towards oneself and others, as a way of countering aversion, hatred, worry, and unnecessary tension.

All these aspects are central in the Buddha's teachings as they are presented in the Pāli discourses. For reference, the workshop will touch upon topics 1-4 covered in the Introduction to Friendliness.

However, the workshop has a non-religious, non-spiritual, non-sectarian, but rather philosophical orientation. Ancient texts are mentioned for the sake of clarifying and guiding the exploration and training of intentionality (and of attention in particular).

Appeals to faith, authority, devotion, or specific social structures, which are typical in religious approaches, have no space here.

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