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Dynamic meditation:

a workshop on embodiment, connectedness, and creativity

Meditation is the art of cultivating freedom by learning to transform apparent limitations into opportunities for expression and growth. Different contemplative traditions around the world have developed different methods to achieve this goal, often embedded in different philosophical and soteriological frameworks. From a comparative point of view, however, most meditation techniques share a somatic component, and the body is a central point of reference in otherwise quite different approaches to meditation. After all, freedom is only fully real when it is fully embodied.


In this workshop we will explore a dynamic approach to meditation. We'll start with the observation that freedom is connected to movement. Movement is constrained and limited by various factors: physical, mental, emotional, social. But each of these apparent limitations also has the potential to reveal unexplored ways of moving, expressing, being and connecting with ourselves and others. The advantage of dynamic meditation is that it works directly in the realm of movement and interaction where our daily lives unfold, making the integration of meditation skills into the rest of life smoother and easier.

Each session will start with a warming up and getting to know the space, each other and our possibilities. We'll then follow a musical journey of about 45', based on different genres and rhythms, as a context and stimulus to move beyond our habitual patterns. We will end each session with a space for sharing and reflection.

There are no special requirements to take part in the workshop other than a body capable of movement and an open and curious mind.


The workshop is free. However, registration is necessary. Please register via this form.

Meetings from 17.15 to 18.45 on Mondays, room OMEGA, starting February 5th until March 25th 2024.   

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Conscious dance

As part of my current research on embodiment, I facilitate events where free conscious movement can be used as a cue to explore the functioning of attention, emotional intelligence and freedom. When movement flows spontaneously, it looks like dance, and when it is awakened by consciousness, it is conscious dance. Conscious dance is both a tool for exploring oneself and one's relationships with others, and the result itself of this exploration.

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