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I hate you so much!

Keep the Truth, I want to fall.

Don't wake me up. You're my dream.

I don't care for the wise, they understand not.

Gravity is my guide, your skin my sea.

I hate you so much! How did you dare

To be—knowing the immense distance

That would have followed? I hate you so much!

How could you get closer than my breath

Only to leave behind the warmth of

Thy vacant presence—like the shape

Of a body in the messy morning bed?

We achieved nothing. We were nothing.

Just the play of balancing shadows

In the rainy evening—vague shapes

On a steamy window, in wonder to nowhere.

How could this be anything more?

But I hate you so much! Because

We had to leave. And now we're no more.

But even this absence is a thrill of beauty,

Albeit cruel, and hopeless like

The Solitude that comes in olde age.

Not going backward, not forward, much

Less standing still. Enough. I fall. Shall you?

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1 Comment

Feb 14

This is the craziest one so far. A valentine for God. (She won’t mind that it’s so mad – she will know it’s out of love anyway😍.)

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