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It rains

It rains, and rains, and rains

The earth is a drum of a thousands

Rhythms, yet so dry it remains

Words like trembling droplets that slide

Away, caressing its whole surface 

Unable to penetrate inside.

It rains like tears of joy and

Grief and hope, fear maybe, who knows?

No one seems to really understand.

I’m a droplet, I’m a word, I am

A silence, a smile, a mysterious 

Gaze. I flow and flow and break the rhyme.

It’s fine. But if only I could let

You savour a grain of that freedom,

Beauty and Love that is all there,

So obvious! If only I could find 

The open crack in your stony skin

To sneak inside and from there release

That taste… like a moment of pure being.

All would be done—the rain would cease. 

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