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My game

Behold! This is my game.

You shall these meadows cross,

And straight till the end go

(and again, and again, and again).

Nothing expects you there.

But on the way you will

Wonder, discover, meet

Endless beings, endless souls.

Behold! This is my game:

Sometimes you'll just witness,

Sometimes you must respond,

Sometimes you'll be surprised,

Sometimes you'll fall in love.

Be fully with that all.

However, don't get settled,

Not even in your own Self!

Don't keep what has to flow.

Behold! This is my game!

Do not seek the past again,

Do not pretend to make

Future and cravings match.

Then you'll see what it means

To be, to live, to be

Free. Behold! Life, I am.

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