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A touch of truth

I stepped into the space trembling 

For answers I could not dare to 

Listen. The ecstatic southern

Sun was sweeping the floor and you 

Were there. Your body like a Sphinx 

Was throwing riddles in the hush.

Hesitantly I fell towards 

Your soft skin and your gaze turquoise

Astonishing like a newborn sky.

But I drank the unspoken words

Of your hands, I cherished the taste

Of your weight, and the smell of our

Sweat. Your drumming heart, the strings of

Your breath were singing an aria

Unknown to the worlds but to me.

Our bodies matched like distant

Chords and each movement unfolded

An improvised melody of

Grace, and lightness, and struggle, and

Care. I could neither leave nor stop,

Only hide beneath the veil of

Your gold bronze hair, or in the cave 

Of your limbs closing on me. We

Left the six directions behind.

We, went to a place of surprise.

I sunk in the ocean of your 

Unending presence. Until Time

Resumed that awkward march towards


Did we go away?

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