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Dhammavicaya 2.0

I started this website with the vague idea of creating some sort of online infrastructure to bind together different pieces of research I was developing. At the time, I was mainly exploring the Pāli discourses of the Buddha and trying to create a broader cross-cultural framework to contextualize their insights and practices.

In the Dhammavicaya trilogy section, you can still see the original outline of that project (two out of the three planned volumes are now published in open access, the third one is still in progress). Most of the previous blog posts are also comments, glosses, or deepenings around this subject.

From now on, I'd like to broaden the scope of this website, and use it as a platform for connecting various activities I plan to develop in the upcoming period. Here's an outline:

1) I'm working on a new book project on Spinoza, seen in the context of the yoga tradition (very broadly understood as to include Buddhism, classical yoga, tantric schools, up to Sri Aurobindo's integral yoga). I plan to publish this book in open access and in multiple languages. Stay tuned for details, it won't take too long!

2) I'm planning to organize several online reading groups, one on Sri Aurobindo's The Life Divine, and another on Spinoza's Ethics. You can find details about these in the Events section. Feel free to register if you'd like to join.

3) In the future, I'd like to offer again meditation workshops or short retreats. While I still have to think about the format and the venues, details will be collected on this website.

I'm still not entirely clear where exactly this is all going, but I hope that it will be helpful somehow to someone. In any case, I'm quite excited and looking forward to seeing what it will come out.

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