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Take it

Did you hear? The future is sold out.

I wanted to give you my smartest words.

But it will take ages for them to

Paint even a rough portrait of me.

I might offer you verses or songs.

But you’ll need decades nonetheless 

To distil from their tunes my blurry 

Shade. I could tell you the bare truth.

But I fear you’ll forget that it remains

Nothing but a lie taken too seriously. 

Perhaps, I should invite you to dance.

But each atom of space between us

Is a universe without stars to cross.

Behold, I know. Take my weight.

Immediately you’ll be in contact

With my essence bare naked

Ineffably alive and terribly exact.

Take it all. My weight is my soul

Take it and show me where is

The door that leads us forever here.

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1 Comment

Feb 18

Nice. An ode to Contact Improvisation.

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